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The old entrance to Moria refugee camp in Lesvos

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In Spetember 2017 we spent time in Lesvos.

Tandeming, typing and printing at Moria and http://ohf-lesvos.org.

Design unlikely futures (www.duf.space) are a disparate, collaborative group of people brought together by the Calais ‘Jungle’.

As the refugee situation in Calais becomes became, is still becoming increasingly critical, the dominant government action is the construction of higher, more robust fences and increased security. The occupants of the Calais Jungle are have been increasingly depicted in both politics and mass media as a “swarm”, a “mass” or “wave", considered as non-people in a non-space. ‘The Jungle’ is was not recognised by British or French governments as a place and its inhabitants are were offered minimal aid from aid agencies because of this. Dehumanised as a mass, the camp is suffering with suffered from inadequate infrastructure, sanitation and is constantly under threat of partial or complete eradication has now been eradicated.

The camp has existed on its current site for several years but does did not appear on any popular mapping platform (e.g. Google Maps, Street view, Apple maps etc). This page is a sketchbook for proposals and experiments that aimed to explore, record and map the camp to give it a form of recognition as a space that “exists” using a parallel, alternative online format. This process will borrow traditional cartographic techniques, as well as emerging technologies (streetview, etc.) for capturing the social, political and physical fabric of the site and documenting the camp, as a ‘space’ or evolving community.

‘The Jungle’ is was an established and complex space with informal architectures and limited infrastructure. The objective is to provide a platform where we can recognise this space as a place inhabited by people.

A boy wearing a cap that reads DESIGN UNLIKELY FUTURES

A boy wearing a cap that reads "DESIGN UNLIKELY FUTURES" taken in 'The Jungle' in Calais, just before large areas of the camp were destroyed by French authorities

This is a photo of a boy wearing a cap that reads “DESIGN UNLIKELY FUTURES” taken in 'The Jungle' camp on the 21st February 2016, two days before large parts of the camp were destroyed and it’s residents evicted. The photograph was taken from the top of a shelter we were helping to repair on the north side of the camp.

The cap's text is a marketing slogan for a snowboarding clothing company that has gone out of business. It was probably donated.

Here, it is awkwardly disjointed and decontextualised from its typical space of consumption and display, a hollow advertising slogan far removed from it’s comfortable position in a shop window or photoshoot. Read by someone who calls themselves a designer, who has come over to help fix a leaking roof on a damp and wind swept shelter surrounded by sand and mud, it reads as something else.

The cap itself has made the short 33.1km journey across the channel to meet with a boy who has travelled over 5000km to be here.